technical & commercial valuation of machines & facilities

  • insolvency administrators

    With our specialization in our core industries of plant engineering, food, pharmaceuticals and industrial construction, we are generally able to evaluate the existing market values more precisely, more lastingly and faster than our competitors.

  • refurbishment advisors & restructuring managers

    we support with market-oriented & quick assessments in order to provide a correct basic information for your economic environment.

  • corporate succession

    as part of the search for a successor, it is often necessary to obtain a realistic assessment of the inventory of machinery. Possible takeover offers must be assessed in comparison with the actual valuation of the inventory of machines.

  • private equity

    in order to guarantee precision, exact risk assessments are supported by market-oriented value assessments for current and future investments, particularly in machine-heavy businesses and production environments

  • mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

    Common valuation methods in M&A processes relate to a company's classic key financial figures. However, balance sheet values are unsuitable to reflect real market value of machinery, so an expert opinion with real market values and detailed evaluations is necessary for a professional assessment.

  • bank & leasing companies

    appropriate expertise can be used by banks and leasing companies to evaluate new credit lines or to verify compliance with existing terms and conditions

  • checks & verification

    confirmation of delivery & construction in connection with (e.g. government) subsidy programmes
    confirmation of the completion of installations or commissioning of systems, especially abroad
    checking order confirmations
    quality checks at suppliers' locations
    product acceptance from suppliers

  • project management

    project managerial accounting in connection with big investments
    project management