particulary of commercial & industrial real estate

Building on extensive experience in planning current projects at home and abroad, as well as through constant market observation, comparative data and years of experience, we can clearly define the value of your property according to the task and present it in an informative and comprehensible manner, especially for:

  • industrial facilities
  • manufacturing buildings & workshops
  • warehouses & logistical buildings
  • commercial & industrial estates
  • investment properties
  • retail and trading locations
  • office areas & buildings

valuations are mainly needed for:

  • company acquisition and/or company contribution
  • leasing or renting
  • insolvencies
  • legacy/donations/inheritance disputes
  • presentation of details to tax authorities
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • private equity

Using our specialization in the core industries as plant engineering, food, pharmaceuticals and industrial construction, we can evaluate existing building values and market values more precisely, mainly more lasting and faster than general competitors.